Wax On, Wax Off: A Return to The Basics

January 1st, 2014 I was feeling spiritually great and figured I might as well get my whole life feeling that way. Using a template a friend sent over, I categorized my 2014, 10, 20, and lifetime spiritual, mental/personal development, economic, social, and physical goals in an organized manner. Though I started the 1st, it took me about a month or so to feel like it was complete. The process, itself, was incredible. After 7 months of loafin reflection after grad school, I was finally coming closer in alignment with my spiritual and material self. I was guided by vision through a commitment to Qur’an and Sunnah that, in turn, materialized into tangible aspirations in every aspect of my life.

In this era of clarity, I decided it was time to get a job frfr. That, and this real note from my mama:

a mama's note


So, I got a job, moved to Chicago and brought my goals with me. Chicago was immediately conducive to my goal setting. I made friends that helped cultivate a circle of positivity and growth. I expanded my social reach and participated in a crazy number of activities  (currently in the process of trying to become a socialite–this is an amended goal). I began running seriously and while the initial goal was to run a half marathon, ran a 15k with the Main. A friend of mine started a yoga business, so was able to reach my goal of practicing 1-2 times a week, for the LOW LOW. I attended some Islamic conferences. I did some intentional dating in search of BAE. (Not entirely why I went to those conferences) And I started blogging again.

There were also some things I came close to that I couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t push further. I started memorizing juz amma, got pretty far, then sought out a Qur’an teacher, found one. We met. I stopped. I got pretty close to financial independence except for you know, asking my family for money 11 months out the year, so I can “go here” and “do this.” I’m also still actively ignoring undisclosed, unconfronted “issues.”

At glance, I’ve done pretty well. And I think I have. Although, internally I know, as we all know, that you can get pretty far on a shaky foundation. If we’re willing to ask the critical question: “Am I keepin it one-huned?” A year in review can be pretty illuminating.

A couple of weekends ago I was preparing for my housewarming and ended up watching The Karate Kid. The original. As I watched the final scene I tapped into my own potential and questioned whether when met with a seemingly insurmountable challenge had I laid the proper foundation to emerge victorious? My answer: I think I used to.

The Karate Kid

In my January 1st goal setting, I was seeking to attain greater heights in all aspects of my life. But what I wasn’t paying attention to was, what was I lacking? Throughout the course of the year discipline rose as the headliner. I would notice and listen and adjust to it, but after a while end up back where I started: the couch. Mr. Miyagi has taught me again that discipline requires high level attention to tasks and lessons that may not seem as immediate or even related to your greater vision. But is, in fact, the practice of these that provide the foundation for greatness. This year my practice of discipline will give greater attention to consistency–consistency in respect to spiritual matters and in my words, deeds, and actions. And develop and operate under a greater consciousness of time and its value.



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